An Incredible Day Celebrating Growth Marketing Innovations With Iterable.
April 03, 2018

The Next Frontier With AI & Machine Learning

We are very excited to introduce the Iterable Intelligence Suite, our AI-led optimization platform. Using AI and machine learning, our proprietary algorithms analyze each of your user’s digital body language to optimize the best time, channel and frequency to engage them.

  • Send Time Optimization: Automatically determine the best time for customer engagement and conversion gleaned through your users’ behavioral and event data.

  • Channel Optimization: Identify and designate the specific digital messaging channels your users are most likely to engage and convert with.

  • Frequency Optimization: Using real-time interaction data, cap channel-by-channel messaging loads and safely send campaigns without risking channel fatigue.

Iterable Insights

While we’re enabling marketers to produce and execute highly engaging campaigns with our Intelligence Suite, we’re also helping them get a better understanding of their performance. With Insights, your team will be able to see real-time feedback around the flow of outbound messages by channel, custom events, users, revenue, and other important campaign metrics.

Next-Level Innovation

We support the most channels in the world and we remain committed to supporting our core platform as we continue to innovate. We’ve enhanced two critical communication channels, mobile and email, and have also rolled out new capabilities for in-app notifications, deep-linking and email deliverability measures.


Anita Taylor

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Ben Clark

VP Customer Retention

Christina Hoheisel

Deliverability Analyst

David Oh

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Matthew Walker

Professor, Neuroscience & Psychology

Dun Wang

VP of Product and Growth

Erin Miller

VP Marketing

Fabian Seelbach

SVP Marketing

Jamie Plankenhorn

Senior Manager, Email Marketing

John Ellett

Author of The CMO Manifesto

Justin Zhu

Co-Founder and CEO

Kim Green


Lauren Vaccarello

VP Customer Engagement

Nancy Harhut

Chief Creative Officer

Nick Allen

Director of CRM & Loyalty

Nick Fairburn

SVP Marketing

Paul Pender

Marketing Manager

Sarah Gounder

Compliance Manager

Stephanie Cooper

Sr. Email Marketing Specialist

Sue Cho

Director, Email Marketing

Will Gregorian

Chief Information Security Officer


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