Amazing Speakers.
Exciting Announcements.

A day full of learning together and seeing what’s next for growth marketing automation. Watch everything that happened during Activate.


The Roadmap for Marketing Change Agents

Iterable CEO, Justin Zhu, will be joined by visionary customers who will share their take on the Future of Growth Marketing, including insights into Iterable’s Product Roadmap. You won’t want to miss our launch!

Justin Zhu


John Ellett

Author of the CMO Manifesto

Jamie Plankenhorn

Sr Manager, Email Marketing

Ben Clark

VP Customer Retention

Nick Allen

Director of CRM & Loyalty

Om, End the Day in a Spectacular Way!

We all know that making time to focus on our own wellbeing, mindfulness & sleep are critical to our career success. You’ll hear from the best-selling author of Why We Sleep and the current Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Matthew Walker, who will give us all a deeper understanding of the importance of getting your ZZZs.

Dun Wang

VP of Product & Growth

Dr. Matthew Walker

Professor of Neuroscience & Psychology

Strategy Track

Ben Clark

VP Customer Retention

Customer Experiences That Win in a Crowded Market

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Nick Fairbairn

SVP Marketing

Creating a Narrative for Building Customer Loyalty

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David Oh

Chief Product Officer

Kim Green


Will Gregorian

Chief Information Security Officer

Sarah Grounder

Compliance Manager

5 Human Behavior Hacks That Increase Engagement & Response

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Nancy Harhut

Chief Creative Officer

Work, Life, Harmony: Do You Really Want It All?

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Lauren Vaccarello

VP of Customer Engagement

Executive Track

Stephanie Cooper

Sr. Email Marketing Specialist

Spotting a Diamond in the Rough: Crushing Data, Uncovering Success

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Erin Miller

VP Marketing

Curology: Making Marketing as Personalized as the Product

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Fabian Seelbach

SVP Marketing

Breaking a Sweat: How We Brought a Fitness App to Market in Under 5 Months

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Paul Pender

Marketing Manager

Autolist: Driving Personalization at Scale with Workflow Automations

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Sue Cho

Director, Email Marketing

Anita Taylor

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Christina Hoheisel

Deliverability Analyst