An incredible couple of days celebrating growth marketing innovations with Iterable.
April 22-24, 2019


Join the industry's most innovative marketers to transform the way we think about customer engagement.

3rd October 2019
Royal London House


#Activate19 Excitement

New Possibilities at Activate 19

We opened Activate by announcing several game-changing product innovations that exemplified our commitment to democratizing growth across people, data and execution. We're also rolling out four new channels to enhance the capabilities of our core platform: Mobile Inbox, Multi-App Push, Facebook Custom Audiences, and Google Customer Match.

Iterable Teams grants specific resources permissions to alleviate any data security and workflow integrity concerns.

Catalog, Iterable's customizable metadata store, enables marketers to build collections of personalized content blocks inside their templates.

Brand Affinity Scoring identifies power users to maximize retention and track which customers are likely to churn.

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Thanks to Our Speakers

Josh Aberant

VP of Growth Marketing

Marisa Amorasak

Product Manager

Laura Baugh

Senior Lifecycle Marketing Specialist

Seth Bindernagel

Senior Director, Growth Marketing

Francis Brero

Co-Founder & CRO

Leslie Emmons Burthey

VP of Marketing

Patrick Butler

Chief Product Officer

Guillaume Cabane

VP of Growth

Jen Capstraw

Director of Strategic Insights and Evangelism

Seth Charles

Principal Email Deliverability and Industry Relations Manager

Lucy Chen

Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Wayne Coburn

Principal Product Manager

Will Conway


Allie Donovan

Director of CRM & Retention

Matthew Erley

VP of Growth

Sarah Esterman

Director, Digital Marketing

Ben Finkel

Entrepreneur in Residence

Katie Gillespie

Product Manager

Ted Goas

Senior Product Designer

Lindsey Greenwald

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Dina Hanna

Lifecycle Marketing Operations Manager

Alyssa Jarrett

Head of Content & Brand

Chris Kaundart

Email Marketing Manager

Sean Kennedy

Product Marketer

Eric La Brecque


John Leonard

Partnerships Manager

Steve Mastrocola

Director of CRM

Kelly Morr

Senior Manager of Content & Search

Mike Nelson


Christine O’Brien

Retention Marketing Manager

Jessica Owen

Retention Marketing Manager

Mahavir Parekh

Principal Product Manager

Eldar Sadikov

Founder, CEO

Nick Schafer

Deliverability Engineer

Brian Schmidt

Director, CRM & Retention

Fabian Seelbach


Samir Shamma

Engineering Lead

Matthew Smith


Julie Sun

Growth Strategy Consultant

Brian Sun

Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Amy Trus

Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Kyle Turcotte

Product Marketing Manager

Duncan Wardle

Former Head of Innovation & Creativity at Disney

Eva Wei

Growth Manager

Karen Wickre

Author, Consultant "Taking the Work Out of Networking"

Ariel Yoffie

Senior Product Manager

Justin Zhu

Co-Founder & CEO

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